The public needs to know

FORSTERSThe long story of Mr. Forster’s Tree farm and his attempt to hold events on his property once again has been subverted by Henniker’s ZBA. In June, the ZBA held an administrative appeal from chief complainer Steve Bennett.

During that hearing the ZBA members were clearly unprepared to handle the complex legal argument how the town did in fact change the Zoning Regulations to included Agritourism. The legislative body of the town, explicitly listed the events that the Planning Board should allow a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to any applicant requesting such events.

Mr. Forster did indeed submit such a request and subsequently received a CUP. Bennett’s appealed, ZBA relented and now Mr. Forster once again has to file the following motion to be reheard on a subject matter that the town has approved by ballot. FORSTER REHEARING 2016.

Take the time to read Mr. Forster’s appeal.


Henniker Bruce

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