The Hocus Pocus Pow Wow is coming to town.

Hocus_Pocus_PowwowYes folks there is just 10 days left to July! That means all those wonderful school board and select board meetings will be gearing up for their budget development work sessions.

So hose off the summer swimming hole doldrums and get yourself a good strong cup of coffee and sharpen your pencil. We’ve got some ciphering to do.

As August roles around we shall be keeping a sharp eye trained on the School Board. The new teacher’s contract needs to be renegotiated. And as budgets fights go…this is the main event

Last year it was the support staff contract and let me tell you this, if this year’s negotiations  go like last year’s…hang on to your wallets.

So  before we convene our Hocus Pocus Pow Wow (hopefully there will be no dump Henniker Dr.Bruce demonstrations) here is a quick and easy explanation of how the budget comes to be. Many thanks to my conservative mentor of all things school board Jorge Mesa-Tejada  for putting together such a wonderful instructional piece. TEJADA BUDGETS Fact or Fiction

Happy trails..until we meet again!

Henniker Dr. Bruce


2 thoughts on “The Hocus Pocus Pow Wow is coming to town.

  1. You know who I am says:

    Just so you know Bruce that entire presentation by Tejada is a big charade.
    Factually correct but ultimately a Deceptikon Transformer.
    The budgets are quite intentionally smoke and mirrors where money gets diverted hither and yon according to the whim of the overpaid elements at the SAU.
    The TRUE evaluation of this year versus last year goes like this:
    total dollars per school budget/total number of students in the school.

    ALL other numbers, line items, blah, blah, blah are bullshit and speculation.
    The boards have been taught to utilize this confusionary method as described by Tejada to keep the peasants from revolting.


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