Go Forth Conservatives and Educate those among us….

keep-calm-and-we-won-t-be-fooled-again-2 The GOP Convention is now over. The campaign has just begun. We conservatives must focus our message and inundate our opponents with facts that support our message, The Democrat Party’s economic policies crafted by President Obama, implemented by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have categorically FAILED the economy and the people of our great country.

Just like the message that The Who Delivered in their hit song, We Won’t Be Fooled Again, Hillary Clinton is the NEW BOSS and she is the SAME AS THE OLD BOSS.

And if anyone has any question that the Democrat Party’s economic policies that drive their legislative agenda is not a predictable failure, then you need to read Lawrence Lindsey’s 2011’s assessment of that policy!

“Only serious long-term spending reduction in the entitlement area can begin to address the nation’s deficit and debt problems. It should no longer be credible for our elected officials to hide the need for entitlement reforms behind rosy economic and budgetary assumptions.”

Lindsey was dead on balls accurate! The deficits he predicted in 2001 came true! Lindsey has proven beyond a doubt, the economic policies of President Obama and now Hillary Clinton are predictably bad and are proven failures!

Donald Trump’s message needs to be crystal clear…he is not the same as the old boss…WE WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!

I am Dr. Bruce J Trivellini, DDS and I approve of this message!!

PS: The Trump campaign can use any of my ideas (get the rights to use The Who’s song)…free of charge…just send me an invitation to Mr. Trump’s  Inaugural Ball.

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