Why history is oh so very important?


Does VP candidate Tim Kaine need to explain himself? (read more)

What do you get when you combine the son of a German Diplomat, a little known agreement from the Council of Europe and an unknown Governor? An attempt to repatriated a German citizen who was convicted of committing a double murder here in the U.S.

Derek W.R. Haysom, was a striking man. South African by birth, Haysom quickly established himself in life as a man of destiny and importance. During WWII Haysom was, shall we say, the James Bond of his era. Fearlessly, Derek W.R. Haysom fought for the British cause, often behind enemy lines, while serving in the middle east.

After the war, this man of courage and grace became a well to do steel executive and carved out a wonderful career and a most admired life.

In 1960, at the age of 47, Derek found the love of his life, Nancy Benedict Astor. Nancy Benedict Astor was stunningly beautiful. Born into a well to do family in Lynchburg Virginia, Nancy was afforded all the luxury a successful family had to offer. So it was only logical that the 28-year-old women would say yes to marrying her Prince Charming.

And, in 1964, Derek and Nancy were blessed with a daughter, Elizabeth. In all aspects, Elizabeth Haysom was everything her mother and father were and then some. Well educated in the finest English boarding schools, Elizabeth started herself down a path to make her own mark on the world.

The family retired to Boonsboro Virginia in 1982. Young Elizabeth just two years later enrolled in an honors program at the University of Virginia. It while there she met her knight in shining armor, Jens Soering.

Jens Soering was the son of a West German Diplomat and was a Jefferson Scholar. Well to do and highly educated, Elizabeth and Jens met and immediately set out to build their own idyllic life.

On March 30, 1985 all that came to an end and four lives were ruined. You see on that spring day, Boonsboro Virginia awoke to the story that Derek and Nancy were viciously murdered. So gruesome the attack, both Derek and Nancy were nearly decapitated.

Because of the inconsistencies in their stories and their unusual behavior, police began to focus their investigation on Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering. They soon fled the United States and were eventually caught overseas.

Eventually, the two were tried, convicted and sentenced in the United States for murder.

In the late 2000’s Jens Soering began to explore a little know provision in an agreement from the Council of Europe. The agreement would allow for the Commonwealth of Virginia to transfer Jens Soering back to Germany.

“Because Soering had already served the maximum German prison time for his conviction and record, this repatriation could allow for his release on European soil.” (read more).

So in 2010 one of the last acts of Governor Tim Kaine, he agreed to releasing Soering back to Germany. Within days of being inaugurated, Kaine’s successor Governor Bob McDonald invalidated the order and agreement.

Does VP candidate Tim Kaine owe the American people a full and cogent explanation of his actions? I think so!

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