Predicting the economy in a hillary administration…that’s easy!

hillary-bill-obama-cartoonI recently reviewed all of the Presidential campaigns that I have witnessed in my life. Beginning with Kennedy-Nixon and now Trump-clinton this election will be my 14th. I can say without a doubt, the economy was and still is a big issue on a Presidential campaign.

I find it a bit misleading that the hillary and her surrogates repeatedly state that she will be focused on getting our economy to improve its pathetic GDP growth. Yet  all indications point to clinton staying the course obama has set since 2009.

And exactly where has the course taken us. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has stated the following: (read more)

“During just the years that President Barack Obama has been in office (2009 through 2012),  average annual growth in real GDP has been only 1.075 percent. The 1.075 percent average annual growth in real GDP under Obama equals less than a third (31.57 percent) of the 3.405 percent average annual growth in real GDP the United States saw in the last two decades of the last century. ”

So exactly how does that translate in to the dollars and cents that will be confiscated from us by the Federal Government? In order to answer that question all we need to do is reference George Lindsey’s Wall Street Journal article from 2011 (read more);

“But the president’s budget of February 2011 projects economic growth of 4% in 2012, 4.5% in 2013, and 4.2% in 2014. That budget also estimates that the 10-year budget cost of missing the growth estimate by just one point for one year is $750 billion. So, if we just grow at trend those three years, we will miss the president’s forecast by a cumulative 5.2 percentage points and—using the numbers provided in his budget—incur additional debt of $4 trillion.”

Well we didn’t grow at trend, we in fact missed obama’s projections by a cumulative 6% and by using obama’s error figure of $750/B for every 1% point miss, we should have expected to have $6.75 T in new debt. (read more)

It is quite clear where the economy will continue to go under hillary clinton…CAN WE AFFORD TO CONTINUE GOING DOWN THIS LIBERAL PATH?


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