Project Exile…The Federal Government’s take over of the City of Richmond, VA

exile crimeRichmond Virginia: (circa July 1998)  Tim Kaine (Hillary’s VP pick) has just been elected mayor by the city’s majority-black city council. Richmond’s first white mayor in more than 10 years, Tim Kaine immediately transformed the mostly ceremonial office of the Mayor (city manager traditionally ran the day to day city business) into a “hands on full time job”.

Tim Kaine became the biggest supporter of President Bill Clinton’s Project Exile (PE).  US Attorney General Janet Reno along with  Commonwealth’s Attorney David Hicks, U.S. Attorney James Comey, (yes Hillary’s James Comey) Richmond’s Police Chief Jerry Oliver, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); Federal Bureau of Investigation; and Virginia State Police, began PE. This program specifically targeted  convicted felons, in possession of a gun and or involved in the commission of a drug or violent crimes while using a gun, and prosecuted them under FEDERAL LAW.

Project Exile’s goal was to make illegal gun possession a federal, not a state crime. This would subject Richmond’s convicted felons, a large number of them black, to harsher prison sentences and guarantee incarceration in a federal penitentiary, outside of Virginia, for at least five years.

Nicole Lee, a civil-rights lawyer and activist in Washington, D.C., in 1998, expressed the following, “Project Exile broke black families. This is not a benign thing to be for. These measures were not used against white kids in the suburbs with guns, they were used against black kids in the cities.”

The Clinton’s campaigned for Bill’s re-election in 1996 on a  tough on crime platform. part of that campaign promise became Project Exile. Many cities were to follow, Rochester, Philadelphia, Camden NJ to name just the few.

Many supported the effort but many more saw the danger and the unconstitutionality of allowing the Federal Government to override State laws and usurp state jurisdiction.  Even more saw it as an attack on the inner city black youth and young adults.

These are the facts….you decide if Clinton-Kaine are worthy.







Go Forth Conservatives and Educate those among us….

keep-calm-and-we-won-t-be-fooled-again-2 The GOP Convention is now over. The campaign has just begun. We conservatives must focus our message and inundate our opponents with facts that support our message, The Democrat Party’s economic policies crafted by President Obama, implemented by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have categorically FAILED the economy and the people of our great country.

Just like the message that The Who Delivered in their hit song, We Won’t Be Fooled Again, Hillary Clinton is the NEW BOSS and she is the SAME AS THE OLD BOSS.

And if anyone has any question that the Democrat Party’s economic policies that drive their legislative agenda is not a predictable failure, then you need to read Lawrence Lindsey’s 2011’s assessment of that policy!

“Only serious long-term spending reduction in the entitlement area can begin to address the nation’s deficit and debt problems. It should no longer be credible for our elected officials to hide the need for entitlement reforms behind rosy economic and budgetary assumptions.”

Lindsey was dead on balls accurate! The deficits he predicted in 2001 came true! Lindsey has proven beyond a doubt, the economic policies of President Obama and now Hillary Clinton are predictably bad and are proven failures!

Donald Trump’s message needs to be crystal clear…he is not the same as the old boss…WE WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!

I am Dr. Bruce J Trivellini, DDS and I approve of this message!!

PS: The Trump campaign can use any of my ideas (get the rights to use The Who’s song)…free of charge…just send me an invitation to Mr. Trump’s  Inaugural Ball.

The Hocus Pocus Pow Wow is coming to town.

Hocus_Pocus_PowwowYes folks there is just 10 days left to July! That means all those wonderful school board and select board meetings will be gearing up for their budget development work sessions.

So hose off the summer swimming hole doldrums and get yourself a good strong cup of coffee and sharpen your pencil. We’ve got some ciphering to do.

As August roles around we shall be keeping a sharp eye trained on the School Board. The new teacher’s contract needs to be renegotiated. And as budgets fights go…this is the main event

Last year it was the support staff contract and let me tell you this, if this year’s negotiations  go like last year’s…hang on to your wallets.

So  before we convene our Hocus Pocus Pow Wow (hopefully there will be no dump Henniker Dr.Bruce demonstrations) here is a quick and easy explanation of how the budget comes to be. Many thanks to my conservative mentor of all things school board Jorge Mesa-Tejada  for putting together such a wonderful instructional piece. TEJADA BUDGETS Fact or Fiction

Happy trails..until we meet again!

Henniker Dr. Bruce


A warm welcome and a fond farewell!

officer-friendly I would like to shout out a warm welcome to our new full time police patrol Office Jeremy Giglio! Jeremy was sworn in at last night’s Select Board meeting. I saw him sharpening his pencil so watch out folks!

And a fond farewell to Officer Nick Rinaldi who is moving to Arizona…now we all have a place to stay in the winter. Nick’s going away party is tomorrow Thursday at the community center beginning at 5pm and ending when the soda runs out…Nick here is my tribute to you !

Thank you for serving our community!

Dr. Bruce Trivellini

All Taxes Matter!

for the kids Robbing Peter to pay Paul:

There is much to be said about the tax bill we pay twice each year. First our tax computation is divided between the town’s administrative budget and two school district budgets. It is important for all of us to understand one very important point. We the property owners control the amount we pay in taxes.

Yes you heard me correctly…WE CONTROL THE TAX BILL! Of course, you have to show up to the school district’s annual meeting and annual town meeting to accomplish this.

Since 2009 the Henniker Community School (HCS) budget has increased by 13% ($882,000 increase. The biggest increase has been employee health insurance compensation) while the number of students has gone down.

It has been posted on the Henniker NH FaceBook page, by residents who have lived here longer than I have, that they cannot remember a school budget increase ever being denied. I have seen one proposed budget increase reduced to a smaller increase than proposed…but it was an increase none the less.

Now we need to understand that the HCS  budget increases have caused the Select Board to significantly reduced the town’s administrative and public works budgets just to keep the tax bills down to a less “punishing level”. The result has been 100% financing of all our significant public works projects.

The town has 11 outstanding bonds…9 are for 100% financing :DEBT SCHEDULE 2016.

We are not using our tax dollars wisely. Under cutting the public works infrastructure projects then turning them into major ticket items and placing the expenditures on warrant articles in a time of emergency funding, while we overspend on HCS, is not a wise fiscal policy.

We must develop a new balanced approach when creating the budgets for 2017. We cannot continue to ignore the negative effects that the HCS monster budget has on our increasingly aging infrastructure.

Dr. Bruce Trivellini


The night that Henniker’s ZBA went rogue!

down with zoning

November 17, 2004, was a night like no other in the town of Henniker. On that night, the Henniker Zoning Board ignored every vote that the town’s legislative body  had previously held approving  the definition of Permitted Uses and unilaterally rewrote Henniker’s Zoning Ordinance for the Rural Residential Zone.

A description of what happened is found in the NH Supreme Ruling: [Supreme Court of New Hampshire] “Green Mountain Explosives (GME) proposed to lease a 1,617-acre parcel owned by the Vincent Barletta Trust for purposes of storing and blending explosives.   The parcel was comprised of eighteen separate lots.   According to GME’s proposal, an explosives storage and blending facility would be centrally located on twenty acres.   The remaining 1,597 acres would surround the facility, acting as a buffer zone, as required by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) regulations.

The parcel is located in a district zoned rural residential. On October 7, 2004, GME, acting on behalf of the Vincent Barletta Trust, filed an application with the ZBA for two variances. First, it sought a variance to allow the proposed commercial use where only a residential use is permitted. Second, it sought a variance to allow the storage and blending of explosive material where injurious or obnoxious uses are prohibited.” [emphasis added].

Imagine, 5 individuals (some are still on the current ZBA), despite holding a special meeting on November 3,2004 [ZBA MINUTES 2004-11-03] to be instructed on the law, still felt they had the authority to rewrite Zoning Ordinance without the approval of the voting public! [ZBA 2004-11-17] The ZBA attempted to “write in” what the legislative body voted out.

And now in the Forster case, these individuals are doing exactly the opposite, the ZBA is trying “write out” what the legislative body has voted in on this year’s Zoning change ballot (March 2016)

Does anyone see a problem here???






The public needs to know

FORSTERSThe long story of Mr. Forster’s Tree farm and his attempt to hold events on his property once again has been subverted by Henniker’s ZBA. In June, the ZBA held an administrative appeal from chief complainer Steve Bennett.

During that hearing the ZBA members were clearly unprepared to handle the complex legal argument how the town did in fact change the Zoning Regulations to included Agritourism. The legislative body of the town, explicitly listed the events that the Planning Board should allow a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to any applicant requesting such events.

Mr. Forster did indeed submit such a request and subsequently received a CUP. Bennett’s appealed, ZBA relented and now Mr. Forster once again has to file the following motion to be reheard on a subject matter that the town has approved by ballot. FORSTER REHEARING 2016.

Take the time to read Mr. Forster’s appeal.


Henniker Bruce