“Hey Mr. Sandman…Bring me your dream…”

Sleepy_OK_214572K2a While listening to one of my favorite songs it reminded me of something I read back in 2012. So I did some research. This is what I have learned from reviewing Susan Rice’s Washington Post op-ed piece dated December 13, 2012 (click here):

“On Sept. 16, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was unavailable after a grueling week, the White House asked me to appear on five Sunday talk shows to discuss a range of foreign policy issues: the protests against our diplomatic facilities around the world; the attack in Benghazi, Libya; and Iran’s nuclear program.”

Do not rub your eyes…you read Ms. Rice’s words correctly! The Secretary of State was just too damn tired to face the nation.

Any questions about hillary’s fitness to be President were answered by Ms. Rice. No doubt Susan Rice was sending us a message…BEWARE!


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