SelectMAN Scott Osgood lectures the members of the Henniker Legislative Body that the most restrictive warrant article is controlling. WOW!

tyranny  Notes to Henniker, NH Selectman Scott Osgood:

  1. Mr. Forster WAS AWARDED a Conditional Use Permit under your beloved most restrictive  ordinance! Did you know that?
  2. If you plan on another run for your seat…you might not want anyone to know that you are super into RESTRICTIVELY CONTROLLING the rights of property owners.
  3. If you think that your mini-lecture on , RSA 676:14, the provision which imposes the greater restriction or higher standard shall be controlling, on the night of September 6th will be forgotten…THINK AGAIN!

Call me kooky but I do not think words like…MOST RESTRICTIVE AND CONTROLLING…should be coming out of the mouths of our board members. However, these words seem to flow like water from those in our government when discussing the issue of Forster Christmas Tree Farm.



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