Who is interested in adding $300,000 for better roads in Henniker…without increasing the current tax rate?

pot-hole-slalomn-resized Each and every year at budget time our Select Board struggles mightily with making the most out of our tax dollars.

This year was no exception. There were many concerns and discussions about expenditures.(even some via text messaging) (read here Item 11 Select Women Tia Hooper’s objection page 5-9) However, most of the discussion did take place at an open meeting.

During those budget hearings many comments centered on how the town’s legislative body has not been receiving enough information to make informed decision regarding budgetary decisions.

“Danny Aucoin commented that this budget, the town budget, is not the problem but it is the school budget that brings the tax rate up. He suggested more people attend the school budget meetings and get to the school for the vote on the budget.” (read here)

Mr. Aucoin’s comments intrigued me, so I did some research.

Here is what I discovered, one simple change in the teacher’s health insurance coverage can free up approximately $300,000. By lowering the school budget by $300,000 the town can now add that savings to the town’s road repair budget and there will be NO CHANGE IN YOUR TAX RATE!

All it takes is good corporate governance…getting the information to the voters in an understandable form, so we can go to the school meeting and vote in a proper budget. It is that simple.


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