Where or where might those little facts be?

public_records_cartoon I have asked on four separate occasions for a copy of the Budget Advisory Committee’s 2016 recommendations; “Dave Woolpert, Chairman of the Budget Committee, stated they reviewed all requests presented to the select board and he reports that most of the concerns they submitted to them were taken into consideration. Mr. Trivellini asked if that report is available and if so he would like a copy. Town Administrator Trovato stated it is available from the front office. (read here page 4). I asked again at town meeting and by email twice.

Why is it so hard to get a response and a copy of an official public document?

I have heard testimony at Select Board meetings about some of the major project’s that are not being even considered because of the cost and potential to raise tax rates above current levels. I urge you all to read minutes and look closely at what is being said. The lack of written reports each month at Select Board meetings is significant.

No one seems to want to divulge the accurate amount of money in these law suits;

  • Bob Garrison v. Town of Henniker (Green Mountain Explosives) where the ZBA attempted to add commercial activity to the Rural Residential Zoning when it is explicitly prohibited.
  • Joe Morette v. Town of Henniker, where the ZBA tried to block development of a work force housing by disagreeing with a traffic expert’s opinion and design while the town had no such professional report that refuted Mr. Morette’s expert claims
  • Lorin Mulligan v. Cosgwell Springs, where the water department disregarded easement deeds that were plainly written from the ate 1890’s by the Norton Brothers to the Gove borthers for a tank and water pipe.
  • Forster v. Town of Henniker, continuing because a complaint over a zoning violation was never heard before the Select Board and now the ZBA wants to totally disregard two ordinance changes.

Why are we wasting our money here while important public service projects are going unfunded?

Why don’t those department heads speak out about the lack of funds being sent to them? Why are just “making do”…”squeaking by”?

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