“My kind of town Chicago”….it really ISN’T. The “Progressive Paradise”..where nobody wants to live!

chicago-decay I just returned from the City of my birth…Chicago (aka: Chiraq). Landed on Wednesday and go the hell out alive on Sunday. 5 days.I was there attending a two day class at the American dental Association building. My wife was there to have fun with friends and family while I worked.

During one 24 hour period, 20 people were shot and 6 were dead! On Saturday evening…a beautiful fall night….at 7:30 pm right on Chiraq’s biggest and most elegant boulevard, Michigan Avenue…in front of the world renowned Art Institute, a man was shot in the head. My wife stood at that very same location not more that 6 hours earlier.

Despite all the glittering Las Vegas style lighting and hoopla (landing I could actually read who was batting and pitching in the Cub v. Cincinnati game from my plane seat) Chicago is a proverbial shit hole.

The Democrat’s has controlled the Mayor’s office since 1931. I am sure that is some kind of dubious record. The  Democrat’s control 49 out of 50 seats on the city council. Corruption is everywhere. Barely a month can go by without a major scandal and the FBI Chicago office staffs the largest public corruption task force in the United States.

According to census records, from 2000-2010, Chicago’s population fell 6.9% to 2,695,598 people, fewer than the 2.7 million reported back in 1920.

The Wall Street Journal Reports-

A larger-than-expected exodus over the past 10 years reduced the population of Chicago to a level not seen in nearly a century. The U.S. Census Bureau reported Tuesday that during the decade ended in 2010, Chicago’s population fell 6.9% to 2,695,598 people, fewer than the 2.7 million reported back in 1920.

Even blacks have had enough.

The exodus took a big chunk out of the city’s black population in particular, shrinking it to 887,608 from 1,065,009, according to William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington

On Saturday, I took a stroll in Lincoln Park Zoo. The beautiful promenades of outdoor cages intermingled with small indoor enclosures and wonderful views of the lake, have given way to inside claustrophobic trails, overgrown landscape that has but all choked out the beautiful views of lake Michigan.

So I headed over to the most serene place in the Zoo the Seals pond. What numb nut decided to put up a portable main stage type tent right in front of the Seals…and blast bullshit music all day long?

No wonder they have just two seals in the exhibit and no one bothers to stick around long enough in this noise to even view them. The noise was deafening. I remember when you had to stand 20 deep in a line and the entire bench gallery was packed with people. On this lusciously cool and sunny Saturday…not a sole sat next to me on the grotto’s benches!

The wonderfully restored Cafe Brauer, the finest example of  Frank Lloyd Wright’s  Prairie Style Architecture (that was not designed by Wright), has become obscured by a mixture of two bit troubadours and carnival hawkers singing and selling every piece of crap imaginable.

Wake up Chicag0…you are not a successful as you think you are! Wake up Chicago…you need a new political system!


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