Confusion is inversely proportional to the information being received…until you reach TMI

confusion-i The September 23, 2016, issue of The Messenger page 5  report on our culverts (read here), clearly sheds some light on the axiom professed in the title of this blog post.

It is beyond comprehension that we, the people who make up the legislative body, have to look to the local newspaper to get information that should be made routinely available to us by our Town Administrator and her staff.

The Messenger’s article  exposing the firing of a town employee clearly raises some serious questions as to why this employee was terminated and the conduct of town officials.

Since the Messenger has reported that they are in receipt of documents indicating, “a grievance filed by former highway employee Dale Havunen, who was then fired on July 20th”, the Henniker Select Board should release all documents, including meeting minutes regarding this grievance and the firing of Dale Havunen, which will bring to light all the allegations purported to be in said grievance.


By failing to inform the legislative body, by refusing to release these documents,  any reasonable individual could conclude that someone is being protected from something….whom might that be and what are they being protected from????

These questions need to be answered.


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