To the Henniker School Board and SAU 24…From 2008 to 2016 you have posted only ONE (this year’s, after I requested it) end of year financial Reconciliation to web site…WHY?

see-clip-art It should be all about CORPORATE GOVERNANCE!

Financial reports are extremely important. However, our School board sets aside very little time in reviewing these financial reports. I have come to this conclusion after reviewing the posted data on the web site and finding only ONE year end financial report….that was this year’s and only after I requested that it be posted.

You can read this year’s report by clicking here.

The year end financial report is key to how we budget for next year. It compares the budget’s estimated revenues and expenditures to actual receipt of revenue and expenditures.

Monthly financial reports are also important for the board to review. A quick look at the monthly meeting agendas since 2008 reveals virtually no time set aside each month for financial report review. Often relegated to a single sentence in the minutes;

“Reconciliation Report: Business Administrator Kathleen Sargent reported the bottom line is currently $68,118.70” (May 4, 2016)

Now we know that the board has the data, but they never really discuss it. And, they certainly have not published it for our perusal. I am wondering WHY?

So I guess we have to beg them to post the following information:

Please post the Financial Reconciliation Report for the following school years;

  • 2008-2009
  • 2009-2010
  • 2010-2011
  • 2011-2012
  • 2012-2013
  • 201302014
  • 2014-2015
  • 2015-2016

Just a note, it would be helpful to have a section entitled Financial Reports on the Henniker School Board Page menu page. Also, please post the monthly reports.




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