Why all the confusion…the answer is in the emails….hint, “REPLY ALL”!

minutesWhy so much confusion over a simple Right To Know request???

The answer lies in the emails folks. Here is the email stream that was generated by my request. email-thread

Pay close attention to the email thread. Every email of mine was sent to the Every member of the SELECT BOARD, the town administrator and secretary. The only one that included everyone in their response was Cherry Palmisano.Thus everyone knows what Cherry wrote…thank you Cherry..maybe you can teach the group how to reply all.

Unless Chairman Blomback’s responses (October 1, 2016; includes only town administrator and secretary but no board members) were printed and sent to the board, they would have no way of knowing that he responded. We in the public have no idea if these responses were indeed sent to the board members.

The most perplexing email I received was from the Town Administrator dated October 17th. In that email she chose to write to only me…and no one else. The entire Select Board was in the dark as to how she responded. There is no indication as of this writing that the Select Board has even seen this official response. trovato-email-10-17-16-ii

I think it is unconscionable that the town administrator admitted to editing minutes, for whatever reason, prior to the Select Board members seeing the first draft.

I hate to keep repeating myself about good Corporate Governance regarding board conduct.There are procedures that need to be followed to give everyone assurances that good Corporate Governance is indeed taking place. Right now, that is not happening!




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