If a picture is worth a thousand words…then this movie about Henniker’s Select Board will leave you speechless!!!!!

confusion-i I have lived for sixty years on this earth. When I was a much younger man, many things people did perplexed me.

As I get older, fewer and fewer things have that effect on me. But nothing in my life has ever prepared me for what occurred last Tuesday, October 18, 2016. On that evening the actions of the Henniker New Hampshire Select Board,  left me permanently confused.

Following are two video clips, with my comments added, that I put together in attempt to try make sense out of a rather senseless discussion that boarders on the absurd. Hopefully, this will shine some light on two of my blog posts; one  from October, 19th. (read blog post here) and the second on October 21 2016. (read blog post here)




Thank you for watching…I hope that you all will comment. A discussion on this must happen….



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