Henniker’s Select Board Chairman states that the public is accusing the board of wrong doing…. let the straw man argument begin.

defamation At the October 18, 2016 Select Board meeting, the chairman states four times that members of the public are accusing the board of doctoring minutes and conspiracy. When pushed to name the person who has complained about this type of activity he identifies ME!

Apparently my Right to Know Request was perceived as an accusation. I suggest you read the request and decide if any such accusations were made. minute-creation-request

He also refers to emails that the entire board has been made aware of. You can read my entire email thread and you can make the decision if anything in there even remotely resembles an accusation of any kind. email-thread-policy-10-16

My request clearly has identified areas in which we are not using  best practices in the handling of our public documents. I have exposed that there in no policy for the creation of public minutes, there is no policy for the tracking of changes made to newly created documents (most municipal lawyers will tell you to keep a record of all document changes) and clearly there is no policy for emails to be copied to all board members! Ms. Trovato’s email to me was only to me and no one else on this board.

No wonder the videos show a totally confused and unenlightened board.

These are facts…gleaned from public documents… no accusations….and as the video above shows…the Chairman has chosen to identify me as the person who has leveled the so called accusations.

Everyone can see, from the public documents provided, no such accusations have occurred. Your comments about me were reckless.

In fact a simple request to learn how this town government works has been answered with a severe case of defamation of character.

Just listen to the press’ response at 6:05 of the video above.

Mr. Chairman…I will expect an apology from you regarding your comments.

You have shown every one what will happen to them if you ask questions and try to learn the policies of this town’s Government. No one should be treated this way, especially in light of the fact that I have exposed some truths about the weaknesses in our policies that can easily be corrected.

This is an unacceptable behavior from the Select Board Chairman and you should step down immediately.




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