Common Core Standards….What we all need to know!

standardized_500_404In the weeks to come I will be writing a series of blogs regarding the standardization of our public school system.

You will be introduced to the two men who were the chief architects of what became known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS). You will also see how the massive negative response to the CCSS  caused States, who took “Stimulus Bailout Money” in 2008 to adopt and implement CCSS,  re-branded the CCSS into many different names.

Here in New Hampshire the CCSS have been renamed Smarter Balance. I expect everyone who reads this blog to go out and verify for yourselves the information that I will be posting.

Now, we will give you a taste of what will be coming. The video below is of David Colemen…:

And I introduce to you Jason Zimba, the man who was the architect of the math standards. Below is a video of him being questioned by Sandra Stotsky, a very important objector to the CCSS English literature standards:


Do you still think your kids are being properly prepared???



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