Henniker’s Tax rate rises as budget season begins…First Budget Advisory Committee/Board of Selectman Budget meeting completed…

budget-2016 My first meeting as a member of the Budget Advisory Committee was a very informative one. I want to thank my fellow committee members (David Woolpert, Christopher Roberts, Peter Flynn, Cheryl Morse and Michael Cyr) and the Board of Selectman for hosting such a spirited meeting.

To all those who appeared before the joint committee, I am sure my cartoon accurately depicts how you felt at the end of your presentations. Hopefully  I can ease your minds…I was impressed at the enormous effort that you put into your requested budgets.

The receipt of our tax bills clearly reflects that this budget process will be an exceptionally important one. The town must now wrestle with a 6% increase in the overall tax rate ($33.33)  and a 8% increase in the local school tax rate ($19.27).

The budget process is a complex one. The logistics of running our town are detailed and numerous. Sound economic principles must now guide us to an informed and debated budget. Emotions cannot enter into the debate.

I urge everyone to engage yourselves in this process. Bring forth your concerns by emailing the town administrator: townadministrator@henniker.org  and let your feelings be known.

I will put forth my best effort to bring to the town a budget that accurately reflects what our needs are and keep you all informed as this process moves forward.



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