The staff at onlyhennikerbruce (OHB) wants to give a big shout out to…The Road Management Committee!

shout_outThe staff here at OHB wants to congratulate the Road Management Committee for the tremendous work that they are doing. I have attended the last few meetings and have had the privilege of watching this dedicated group of neighbors.

They have finished their assessment of every one of our town’s  paved roads and they have begun developing their plan of action.

I want thank each and everyone of them for allowing me to give them a tax payers opinion on the work they will be proposing.

What a joy it was having my comments welcomed by the committee, Chairman Mike Flecchia, Select Woman Tia Hooper, Mr. Bill Marko, Mr. Bob Morse, Mr Leon Parker, Mr. Leo Aucoin and Mr. Bob French.

Our safety depends upon the proper condition of our paved roads. This should be our top priority in 2017.

Great work everyone…I look forward to your presentation and I will support your efforts as our town  moves forward on this very important project of resurfacing and rebuilding or our roads.


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