Town Administrator (TA) suggests resignation over $17,000 charge….Select Board Chairman text message’s her…”You better fix that”…TA, “I can’t fix it. Doreen Connor has already called…”

no-textingThe controversy over the removal of the debris on Army Corps property continues.In this blog, we will uncover the extensive use of text messages being used to conduct day to day operations of the town. Messages that, until now, were never placed into the public record and kept on private cell phones.

(The town has no  policy regarding the use or the archiving of text messages from private phones. The town does not supply select board members with town owned cell phones.)

At the Tuesday November 1,2016 Select Board meeting, Leo Aucoin brought up the matter of an extensive contract being placed without a bidding process. At that time the TA assured everyone numerous times that the contractor had been made aware that the cost cannot exceed $15,000. If it did exceed that amount the project would need to go out to bid. (video here)

On Wednesday morning November 2, 2016, the TA was made aware that the submitted bill from the contractor was $17,045. She immediately text messaged Chairman Blomback the news. trovato-blomback-text

At that time, Chairman Blomback responded by stating the following, “you better fix that.” The TA states that she can’t because the contractor’s attorney has already called. A letter from the contractor’s attorney verifies that a phone conversation did occur on the morning of November 2, 2016. connor-letter-11-3-2016

Among the many things discussed and affirmed in Attorney Connor’s letter is the following, “In our conversation you stated that you had visited the sight and that Tim had done “an awesome job.” You also acknowledged Tim was hired on an hourly basis and was not made aware of a $15,000 limit/cap for the job by either you or Tom Weston.”

On Thursday morning November 3, 2016, the contractors attorney emailed the TA the news that a $3,835 math error had be discovered. The “good news” is that the bill is now $13,210. connor-trovato-email-11-3-2016

Fellow neighbors, you can draw your own conclusions regarding the math error. However, it seems to me that the actions surrounding this  whole event are quite peculiar. Maybe the authorities should investigate this event???????

The one thing that saddens me the most is that Attorney Connor’s letter states that the TA did not reveal the “$15,000 limit /cap” to her client,  despite the TA telling us in an open meeting, that she did inform the contractor. (see video here above 3:30 and 7:53 mark). It would appear that the TA has misled  the select board.

I firmly believe that this should not be the way we conduct town business. Neighbors what say you?



(Note: I asked the chairman to explain the text messages that I had uncovered. His response can be found here. blomback-explanation)




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