Henniker’s Road Management Committee…Yo dudes…the most comprehensive roadway report…EVER! And you can read it right here.

well-done-ii OHB would like to begin by saying thank you to the following people for all the hard work they put in to creating one of the most detailed evaluations of Henniker’s public roadway system; Michael Flecchia, Chair; Leon Parker,Vice Chair; Leo Aucoin; Bill Marko; Robert Morse; Tom Weston, Road Agent; Tia Hooper,Selectwoman.

Every resident in the town of Henniker owes a special thank you to Selectwoman Tia Hooper, who collated the voluminous amount of raw data  obtained  by  the committee and ran all the calculations and created the graphs and tables for this report.

OHB attended about four meetings and I can say with certainty, the dedication and professionalism displayed by this group of individuals was second to none. In the coming weeks, OHB will take a closer look at the report’s findings and how it will affect  our future.

However, for now please read this excellent report  detailed-report read here.

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