Chairman Blomback “floored” by Western Ave. rebuild cost…proposes using unrestricted fund balance money…2016 DRA reports states Henniker, below minimum fund balance retention threshold!

debt-and-more-debt The cost for rebuilding Western Ave. was revealed at the January 17, 2017 Select Board meeting. Chairman Blomback said that he was “floored” by the bottom line on all the bids that were received.

Chairman Blomback brought to the table a financing plan that included the use of Block Grant Money and currently held unrestricted fund balance money (UFBM). The plan is a bit sketchy at this time.

No documents were available at the meeting for revue. OHB will be submitting a request to see the plan in writing.

But, considering that budget approval time is upon us, one would think that this plan would have been disclosed  sooner, so we tax payers could ask detailed questions.

The NH Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) is the overseer of all things financial that goes on in each and every town in our state. The 2016 DRA report for Henniker  states the following regarding our fund balance retention:

Only here will you see this DRA report. It is not posted anywhere on the town web site at this time.

A question to consider, what will be our tax rate in the near future????

Once again OHB feels compelled to disclose items that town government has failed to report and easily post on our web site. Chairman Blomback and the Board know that not everyone can attend and the internet is their main source for information.

Next blog: Henniker Waste Water Treatment Facility scheduled to have $3.5 M renovation in 2021…and we don’t have a reserve fund that will significantly lower that cost. (tell me if you can find that info on the town’s web page)

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…PEACE!


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