Board of Selectmen kept in the dark as board member Osgood single-handedly pushes for zoning changes…Dysfunction and lack of respect for procedure and others…order of the day for Henniker’s BOS: PART I

dark During the fall of 2016, (beginning in November) many questions pertaining to the town’s building code and code enforcement came before the Board of Selectmen (BOS). Despite lengthy discussion, no action was taken by the BOS.

However, from January 3, 2017 to the night of January 25, 2017, through a series of emails copied to only a few and private phone calls, 1-16-2017-osgood-email, proposed Zoning Changes land on the desk of Planning Board Chairman Ron Taylor, courtesy of Selectmen Osgood (with out BOS approval) and he is looking for the changes to be passed as quickly as possible: “I spoke with Ron on Saturday at the Transfer station. He seemed very concerned about it, but did not recommend acting against it. In fact, he told me he expected the Board to approve it.”  1-25-2017-osgood-fougere-concerns-but-approve-email

In fact Part time land consultant Mark Fougere is “scrambling”  to get Mr Osgood’s unauthorized changes approved, “Scott, We are attempting to scramble to have a hearing on Feb. 1 for these changes. I have an email out to see who can make it, since it is not our regular meeting. I have a conflict that night and cannot make it.” 1-19-2017-fougere-osgood-scramble-email

The entire story will be told in chronological order in Part II.

For now, it is clear from the emails that have been obtained by request,  that town officials, despite their repeated claims otherwise, are not conducting business in a transparent fashion. Not only is the general public being kept in the dark, the board members are also not being informed.

These types of actions cannot be tolerated:

  • Selectmen Osgood should immediately withdraw from re-election.
  • Mr. Osgood should reimburse the town for any of the costs due to the unauthorized contact with the Land Use Consultant in this matter
  • Chairman Blomback due to the lack of response to the improper email you received on January 16, 2017,  you should step down immediately.
  • Town Administrator Trovato’s contract should be terminated
  • Part time Land Use Consultant Fougere’s contract should be terminated
Please note documents received by OHB in response to our request 1-2017-request-for-info-1-25-2017-meeting reveals that several town officials may have acted without authority and have failed to keep others informed properly.
The entire 18 page  record sent to OHB can be seen here 1-2017-right-to-know-response. OHB has no reason to believe that any other official documents exist and what we received is the complete record from the town officials. The opinions expressed in this blog are derived from what we believe to be that complete record.
PART II: The story begins on January 3, 2017!

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…PEACE!


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