Write-In Vote: Bruce J. Trivellini for Selectmen.

what's up doc Over the last two weeks I have been approached by many residents, whom I deeply respect, and asked if I would serve on the Board of Selectmen if elected by a WRITE IN VOTE.

It would be an honor to be elected to the Board of Selectmen in this manner. To me, the thought of someone taking the time to write in a name on a ballot to elect a public servant is quite moving.

After much thought, I have accepted this challenge.

I think that my blog has made my positions quite clear. I have been consistent in my critique of how our Board of Selectmen has become ineffective and has lost focus.

The failure of the board to use an effective method of communicating their work product to the residents of this town is incomprehensible. The Henniker web page is extremely underutilized.

This lack of communication is the single most problem we face today. The effective communication of town proceedings and better achieving and access to town documents creates the ultimate breeding ground for new ideas!

  • Access to all monthly BOS material (with the exception of that which is subject to RSA 91:A) should be on the web page at least 5 days before BOS meetings.
  • This includes all month to date and year to date financial reports.
  • All employee contracts including description of job title and salary and benefit packages

No single person has all the answers, but a well-informed community develops an abundance of ideas!  The free flow of information makes people feel welcome to join the discussion and share their ideas.

Being a good public servant is about bringing new ideas to the forefront, being constructively critical about the results we get and applying the lessons learned from both failure and success. The only way to do all that is to welcome differing opinions! And differing opinions come from a well-informed people.

We should celebrate the wonderful technology that allows us in the privacy of our own home at any time we choose to access these records at a web page that we already pay for.

We waste so much brain power because people simply do not know that a problem exists!

If informed, then we will understand that times have changed and our town needs to approach our corporate governance with a keen eye trained on that change. The board needs to begin to dedicate itself to evaluating all our needs in proportion to our town’s economic demographic. We must be resigned to zero based budgeting so we can begin to bring our budget back into line with our median household income of $66,000 and statistically stagnant population growth since 2000.

We must begin to understand how all aspects of our public services play an integral part of how we spend our tax dollars on a month to month and on a year to year basis. Most importantly, select board members need to understand that scrutiny of our budget dynamic, i.e. review and discussed monthly, will make it easier to make decisions on issues and fewer errors of execution and judgement will occur.

If elected to the Henniker Board of Selectmen I will dedicate my seat to,

  • Challenging the process
  • work towards a shared vision
  • implement  solutions based on a shared vision
  • Constructively evaluate the results
  • And make changes when necessary

I would be honored to have you write in on your ballot, Dr. Bruce Trivellini for the position of Selectmen on Tuesday March 14, 2017.

Thank you

Dr. Bruce J. Trivellini

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