Examining Henniker’s Cost Per Pupil/ Median Household Income. Is this sustainable?????

COST PER PUPIL Henniker’s local school tax rate of $19.21 is the 18th highest (187 districts examined) in the state. @ $17,500 Henniker ranks 57th in Cost Per Pupil spending (CPP).

The graph shown here compares our school spending to Median Household Income (MHI). Henniker’s slightly below the state’s average MHI, coupled with our significantly higher than the state’s average CPP , makes one wonder how future budgets will effect household discretionary spending.

As a community , our main concern should be is this amount of spending sustainable?

With that information in mind, a group of Concerned Henniker Taxpayers sat down over the last several weeks working on ways to solve some of the budget concerns raised by continued budget increases. Many of those concerns will be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting. Please come and participate.

On Tuesday, you are being asked to vote on adopting the SB2 format for Henniker’s School District. SB 2 will give our residents more time to evaluate the complex budgets that are now being proposed and it gives each and every registered voter more time to vote.

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..



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