“Just a song before I go…A lesson to be learned…Traveling twice the speed of sound…It’s easy to get burned” (Crosby, Stills, Nash)

Your_Right_to_KnowWe here at OHB would like to thank the hundreds of people who have sent us emails in response to our BOS email post.

We are humbled by your expression of support for our post. The lesson I learned from all of your emails will forever be remembered.

So many wrote to thank us for advocating for their right to express themselves! So many of our readers were angered that the BOS, by not discussing this supposed “Evidence of  Community Support” document, denied them their right to express their opinions on this matter. Good, bad or indifferent…everyone has the right to express themselves and our leaders should extend us the courtesy of listening!

So many of our readers felt betrayed…as if the document was falsified because no real effort was made by the BOS to actually seek public opinion in an open forum.

I was extremely moved by how  many who wrote to thank us for posting Chapter 203, Article III of our Planning Board’s regulations detailing the Conceptual Consultation provision…One resident wrote, “Thank you OHB for shining a light down the darkened corridors of Henniker’s Town Hall.”

Another wrote, “doing business out of public is denying people of right to comment.”

I have learned my lesson…LIBERTY IS THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD…. And Leaders have an obligation to listen…I hope our BOS learned that same lesson!

If not learned…we all get burned!

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..



2 thoughts on ““Just a song before I go…A lesson to be learned…Traveling twice the speed of sound…It’s easy to get burned” (Crosby, Stills, Nash)

  1. dsaadrumney says:

    Thank-you for shining some light on this alleged violation of the right to know law (RSA 91-A)

    I would recommend that all officials and citizens review the free training document available from Right to Know NH on RSA 91-A. The document can be found on our blog at RightToKnowNH.wordpress.com

    About RTKNH:

    Several years ago, a number of citizens who had encountered right to know violations in their communities joined together to form Right to Know New Hampshire.
    Established in 2013, Right to Know NH (RTKNH) is a nonpartisan citizen coalition working to improve access to New Hampshire state, county, and local governments. We advocate to strengthen New Hampshire state laws, particularly the Right-to-Know law known as RSA 91-A, as well as Right-to-Know governmental policies. We serve as a resource on Right to Know in our state with the goal of making government more open and transparent. We educate citizens on their Right to Know and aid them in exercising their rights under the law. We educate public officials on improving their adherence to the law and delivering greater government transparency to their constituents.

    David Saad
    President – Right to Know NH


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