Chairman Blomback’s rebuttal to Concord Monitor…Reveals new violations of the Right to Know Statute…

PAUL REVERE II At the Tuesday April 4, 2017 BOS (Board of Selectmen) meeting Chairman Blomback provided the public with an explanation and timeline in an attempt to clarify the recent violation of the Open Meeting Statute. Blombeck rebuttal to CM

In his summary, Chairman Blomback, admits to sending an email with the intent to conduct business outside of a regularly called meeting. In his summary, he admits to receiving responses from Select-man French (page 1;March 15, 2017) and phone call support from Select-woman Hooper on Thursday March 16, 2017.

OHB submitted an email Right to Know request on March 23, 2017. NEC RIGHT TO KNOW REQUEST

The request for information can be read here. NEC PERFORMING ARTS 3 21 2017

The town responded but failed to include any affirmative response from Mr. French or Ms. Hooper. NEC Community Support Why?

This clearly indicates no documents were in the possession of the town of Henniker to validate Chairman Blomback’s claim that he had a majority of the board’s “blessing”, when he returned the “Letter of Support” to NEC on Thursday March 16, 2017.

OHB’s Right to Know request is quite extensive.  Failure to disclose all communications would be a failure to comply with our request.

There are several problems that should concern all of us:

  1. Why is the Select Board Chairman doing business outside of a properly noticed meeting?
  2. Why are Select Board members participating in these violations of the Open Meeting Statute?
  3. Why did the town fail to produce all dated communications as per our request?

The town’s BOS has been caught numerous times doing business via email and text messages. It is the fiduciary duty of the BOS to openly deliberate the prudential affairs of our town! Failure to do so shows contempt for the process in which the BOS has sworn a duty to uphold.

How long should we tolerate this insolence?

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..




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