NO CONFIDENCE! Town Officials fail to disclose private NEC support letter meeting between Chairman Blomback and Selectman French…

dark Henniker’s Select Board continues on their violation rampage. The Select Board no longer demonstrates reasonable knowledge of how to govern openly.

On April 17, 2017 the Concord Monitor ran a story under the headline, “Henniker selectman makes motion to remove board chairman from position.”

In  that story we learn for the first time, from Concord Monitor reporter Caitlin Andrews, that Selectman Bob French drove to Chairman Blomback’s place of business specifically  to discuss an email he received regarding town business;

  • “French said Fortner misunderstood what Blomback was trying to accomplish with his emails. He said he avoided emailing Blomback back in regards to the NEC letter because the board has talked about how email correspondence can violate right-to-know laws. Instead, he said he drove up to Pats Peak, which Blomback manages, and talked to Blomback about whether the building would be tax-exempt, and then said he was okay with the letter.”

In a right to know request filed by OHB on March 21, 2017 NEC PERFORMING ARTS 3 21 2017, we specifically asked the town to disclose, among other items, the following;

  • external communications of any kind including cell phone communications via text, computer or cellular email or phone log from private cell phone or email accounts information created before-during and after the marxch [sic] 21, 2017 Board of Selectmen meeting and all items pertaining to agenda item New England College Performing Arts center.

I received no documents indicating that the public record contained any information regarding Mr. French and Mr. Blomback having a face to face meeting to discuss this topic.

In fact Mr. Blomback’s rebuttal to a previous Concord Monitor Blombeck rebuttal to CM fails to mention this face to face meeting with Selectman French. He mentions only Mr. French’s intent to support.

Despite my specific request, the town chose not to disclose this private meeting where town business was discussed!

This is serious act of willful omission!


OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..



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