Planning Board stifles participation…fear of change has destroyed the committee’s growth and development!

DIVERSITY (Copy)Wednesday April 26, 2017 was a sad day for Henniker. The Planning Board refused to appoint two entirely new individuals to its committee. Myself who, according to Mr. Leigh Bosse of The Messenger Newspaper, the board knew too much about and Mr. Mathew Grimes whom the board new too little.

It is obvious that both of us are eminently qualified to preform the duties of a Planning Board member. Clearly the board’s fear of being reigned in and being held accountable through deliberation and participation was the primary reason, for some, to  reject my request.

Reports from all over the world indicate that citizen participation at all levels of government has been fading. Those reports also emphasize that the remit of all local government systems is to deliver a wide range of services to the community that it serves. However it is increasingly recognized that development is a multi-dimensional process incorporating quality of life objectives can only be successfully delivered through direct participation, good corporate governance and diverse partnerships.

The refusal to appoint myself and Mr. Grimes, in light of Mr, Bosse’s assessment as to the reasons why, did nothing more than prove exactly what so many folks here in Henniker believe, are too fearful to say publicly and  local politicians go out of their way trying to convince everyone that the process is not broken, when it is so easy to see that it is.

Change is difficult but it is necessary for our survival…citizen participation in local development is the key to the equality, inclusiveness and sustainability of development.

Otherwise we will continue on with dysfunctional boards and the governmental process  will continue to suffer. The Planning Board is not hurting me…the Planning Board is hurting the community


OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..


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