‘Henniker Selectmen Ignore Bidding Policy-Award Four Contracts’…What do we do when the puzzle pieces no longer fit?

ZBA PUZZLEThe Messenger’s Headline says it all. (page 9)

Like the proverbial slap on the backside with the wet towel, every tax payer in Henniker should be feeling the sting from the recent actions taken by the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on May 2, 2017.

Over $400,000 of our taxes was let out to contractors in a very unorthodox fashion. OHB understands that the town is at the 11th hour and needed to set these contracts in order to get Western Ave. rebuilt during this construction season.

However, doing business in this fashion does not bode well for the town’s future projects. When the BOS and the town act ineptly, contractors take notice and we get fewer qualified bidders.

In the past, we  have been told that this will not happen again. Yet here we are repeating the same old story.

In addition to the failure of the bidding process, two winning quotes were past their validation date.

First, Michie Corp’s quote was dated January 4, 2017 and transmitted to the town on January 31st. The BOS had no idea at the meeting if those quoted prices were still valid. (note: only page 1 of 3 was placed in the online packet it was unclear if the BOS had all three pages of the quote) (page 38)

While Central NH Concrete’s (Henniker) bid is undated and Phoenix Precast Products (Concord) quote is dated April 24th, both appear to be afterthoughts.  (page 39 & 40).

And secondly,  GWS Fence & Guardrail quote for, $107,018.15, was valid only “thru April 2017”! (page 42)

We tax payers rely on the BOS’ bidding policies to prevent these types of late hour, no choice decisions! Note to BOS…YOU FAILED US!

What happened to the oversight that assures US that all the puzzle pieces are in place and our tax dollars are being spent wisely?

And, what do WE do when we realize all the puzzle pieces no longer fit?

All of us work hard to earn a living….WE tax payers deserve better!

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..





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