OHB’s phone rings off hook…Cordell Johnston Lectures NH Library Trustees Association on Right-to Know…tells how Henniker’s Planning Board improperly used non-public sessions…

phone-ringing Hat tip to Henniker resident and lawyer extraordinaire Cordell Johnston who gave a wonderful talk to the NH Library Trustees Association on Tuesday May, 23, 2017. Within minutes of the completion of his talk OHB’s office phone began ringing off the hook.

You see there were about 15 bloggers in the room analyzing everything Mr. Johnston had to say.

Mr. Johnston gave the Trustees sound legal advice on Right-to-Know and how to run proper meetings.

He told the story how 20 years ago as a corporate lawyer,  when he first joined Henniker’s Planning Board, the board would  go into a non public session whenever it wanted to discuss things they didn’t want everyone in town to know about. Clearly an improper use of a non-public session.

OHB contacted Mr. Johnston by phone, he told me how he went to an Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) training session, realized right away that the town was improperly using the non-public sessions and promptly set the town straight.

Thanks Cordell!

However, OHB has clearly shown that the town officials has failed to keep up with the times and continues to violate the law regarding the use of emails, text messages and the use of private cell phones…all things that were of little concern back in 1997.

Cordell, OHB challenges you to give your 1 hours talk to the current Henniker officials and all of us in the public. I PERSONALLY WILL PAY YOU FOR YOUR 1 HOUR OF TIME!

Clearly  this town needs your help!


OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..



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