Planning Board Chair Dean Tirrell keeps everyone in the dark…Fails to use tax payer supported web page to inform public…Select Women Hooper fails to advise board of their duty to inform????

A HENNIKER PLANNING BOARD (Copy) Henniker has acquiesced to calls for transparency and has finally begun posting some supporting documents for the Board of Selectmen meetings

One would think that Select Women Hooper would take this initiative over to the Planning Board, where she is the BOS representative, and advocate for the planning Board to do the same.

Apparently not! (agenda)

It would appear that the concept of transparency and participation is not embraced by the Planning Board’s new chairman, Mr. Dean Tirrell.

The June 14, 2017 agenda had a few noteworthy items. I would think that the 202/127 intersection information would be worth repeating at any opportunity.

And, I wonder what Zoning Changes they were talking about last night? As we all have found out…zoning ordinance and planning board policy compliance is not exactly being asked of everyone.

Colby Hill Inn for example. Expansion and creation of their Bar Barn has fail to comply with town policy…and no one seems to care.

If Colby Hill Inn is considered a non-conforming commercial use then any expansion or alteration of their property must go before the Zoning Board for review:

Zoning Regulations; 133-72 Non-conforming Uses Alterations: Alteration, expansion or change of a     non-conforming use or structure shall only be permitted by Special Exception by the Zoning Board of Adjustment if it finds that….


If compliant the Colby Hill Inn is required to go before the Planning Board for Site Plan review:

Planning Board Chapter 203; 203-3 Applicability
A.General- Subject to the exceptions stated below, these regulations apply to any of the
following actions, regardless of whether the action includes a subdivision or re-subdivision of the site:
1.Any new commercial,industrial, multi-family development of land (including,
but not limited to, the construction of any building, any addition to a building, any
other structure, or parking areas).
2.Any Change of Land Use, as described below.
3.Any expansion of the physical size of an existing non-residential land use.
B.Definition-A “Change of Land Use” occurs when there is a change in the quality,
character, or intensity of the use of a building or site, such that there is likely
to be a noticeable impact on the neighborhood or the town. A Change of Land Use may occur even though the general classification of use remains the same and even if the proposed change does not involve construction. A Change of Land Use is determined from the most recent use to the proposed use.
The standards of review listed in Article V of these regulations also indicate the kinds of impacts that would be considered in determining whether a Change of Land Use would occur.
OHB is amazed at how our board members just fail recognize they have a duty to follow procedures that will insure public awareness. Why  is that Mr. Tirrell??? Ms. Hooper???

“There are things public officials would never do if they thought somebody might call them out on it.”

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..

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