Is Henniker’s moral compass broken?

moral compassonlyhennikerbruce January 25, 2019

All of us have invested heavily in our lives here in Henniker. We plan out our lives and we carry out those tasks necessary to create our wealth.

Personally, I set aside a portion of that wealth so I can pay my tithe to the social contract that makes up our town. I work very hard to meet the obligations that my neighbors expect from me.

Yet, there are advocates for increased spending among us, who fail to pay the very taxes created by the spending levels they support! That is pure insanity!

A quick check of the Town’s ~$700,000 unpaid tax report dated October 27, 2018, finds several advocates owing ~$100,000 in property tax.

OHB finds this to be immoral and appalling! Non of us expects the hard earned wealth we have created for ourselves to be used to pay for someone else’s folly!

And if folks cannot pay their property tax now…why would anyone even consider raising them?

Of course if you have no intention on paying your taxes in the first place…why not?

In fact how many voters have actually seen or read the Collective Bargaining Agreements you are being asked to vote on?

Just vote NO to all budget increases, school or town operating budgets!

Vote NO to both the teacher and support staff contracts!

And make the boards go back and get us tax payers a better deal!


OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..

“There are things public officials would never do if they thought somebody might call them out on it.”

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