How about that! Newport’s Select Board shows some leadership! Ring the Bell Henniker!

ABOUT TIME (Copy) (2)

Hennikurians…Let not your hearts be troubled!

Apparently, the Newport Select Board should be invited here to teach a seminar on LEADERSHIP!….

“Select Board Chair Jeff Kessler accused the School Board of lacking financial discipline to which Selectman Todd Fratzel agreed, saying it was the worst budget he had seen. Quoting from the NH School Board Association’s guide book, he urged school officials to do their job, which is “To balance the needs of the children with the ability of the taxpayers to provide them.”

Hmmm…something we here @ have been advocating for quite sometime…encouraging our own Select Board Chairperson to under take this endeavor!

And, once the bruised ego’s over there have healed…something might just happen.

I call it a WIN for the most important folks in the room… THE VOTERS!

Read here about what our hearts ache one

Hat tip to the Town of Newport…necessity is the mother of invention!

OHB…all the news fit to printkeeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..

“There are things public officials would never do if they thought somebody might call them out on it.”

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