Henniker; “Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow….Yesterday’s gone…See things in a different way!” (Christine Mcvie)

Unique red domino tile among many black dominoes. Be different concept

March 14, 2019,  onlyhennikerbruce

The most important first step toward a better education for our children was taken on Tuesday past…Henniker’s legislative body made a decision to make a change!

CONGRATULATIONS…481 resident legislators sent a message; a new policy directing the future expenditures in our educational system  is needed.

For those among us who believe that this was about the total amount of tax dollars being raised and appropriated…then you missed the proverbial boat!

This vote was all about VALUE.. No longer will the legislative body be satisfied with just another automatic increase toward policies that clearly are not achieving our goal…a proficiently educated child.

“Yesterday is gone”…our work has just begun!

Now, we all must understand that our principal will retire at the end of this school year. Our School Board unacceptably has automatically handed of the position to the current Vice Principal.

Not a wise decision…we should request that our School Board open up the hiring process and seek applications.

Maybe the necessary changes, that will help us see things in a different way,  will come from some innovative administrator outside of New Hampshire???????

At least, the School Board owes it to us to go out and look…

Remember, the next vote is just 12 short months away!


OHB…all the news fit to printkeeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..

“There are things public officials would never do if they thought somebody might call them out on it.”










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