Replay Video Confirms: Osgood Now Thinks Azalea Park Should Be $1 Million….

The Capital Improvement Plan was presented to the Select-Board at their meeting Tuesday January 28, 2020.

In that presentation a request from the Azalea Park committee for $10,000 worth of  24 hour surveillance cameras was discussed. The CIP committee recommended not to support such a request.

Mr. Osgood commented that the request was short a few zeros.


Mr. Osgood has on numerous occasions has commented that this project should be funded by the tax payers.

In the past Mr. Osgood has suggested $750,000 and now $1MillionINSANITY..hold on to your wallets folks!

At a time when significant infrastructure needs should be dominating our budgeting discussions, Mr. Osgood and the Azalea park committee continues to try to confiscate our TAX dollars…

When will this non-sense end???

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..

“There are things public officials would never do if they thought somebody might call them out on it.”






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