School Board’s Explanation Rings Hollow…Knew About Roof Leaks in 2017…Failed to Adopt CIP Funding…Poor Corporate Governance…Take Back Control…



School District…VOTE NO and hold a Special Meeting! Finance this the correct way!!!

In the latest edition of the Messenger, page 12 letters to the editor, The Henniker School Board attempted to explain their budget gimmick of using leases to lower the threshold of approving long term debt. These gimmicks are fully explained in my blog dated February 23, 2020.

The school Board state the following in the Messenger, “…$2,083,365 in immediate and necessary capital improvements…”

A review of the record indicates that the School Board knew of the rapidly deteriorating roof in 2017, it was discussed at the School Board’s 2017 Annual August retreat; “Board Member Jim McElroy shared information on the leak issues in the building. Patch work and trouble shooting work have been done, but the leaks continue.”

Then again in September 2017, the board discussed funding, “Facilities:The committee reported that they had discussed expendable trust funding with SB2 and the need to set aside money for the CIP….[snip]…The committee will look to update the CIP plan.” This year, I specifically asked about this very subject and it was discovered that the board has not set up any Capital Reserve Funds and has a very rudimentary CIP plan.

With the Capital Improvement Plan getting little more than lip service over the last three years…is there any wonder why Budget Gimmicks are being utilized????

Capital reserve funds, expendable trust funds and special revenue funds are useful budgeting tools that allow municipalities to set money apart from the general fund for specific purposes. Their purpose is to level off the Tax Rate. As we have shown, the Henniker School Board is fully aware of these tools and failed to use them

Municipalities, and School Districts under the provisions of RSA 35, may establish capital reserve funds. Expendable trust funds are established under RSA 31:19-a for towns and RSA 198:20-c for school districts.

There is no need for budget gimmicks…the board was advised of a way to enter into long term debt by lowering the passage threshold to a simple majority….

Do You Want To Be Treated that Way…because of the board’s lack of good Corporate Governance???

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..

“There are things public officials would never do if they thought somebody might call them out on it.”



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