The night that Henniker’s ZBA went rogue!

6 thoughts on “The night that Henniker’s ZBA went rogue!”

  1. Well done Bruce. You succinctly defined two situations, and just how rogue this CONSENTED Henniker ZBA is. It is time to THROW THE BUMS OUT!

      1. The ZBA has over and over effected the lives of the whole town and lost tax dollars, but none more than the personal lives of those trying to do business in Henniker, and the tremendous financial and emotional toll for them. What kind of mindset goes out of their way to destroy someone’s venture or livelihood? I just don’t know how these people sleep at night.

  2. When/how were the zones changed? How did a new zone be formed and other zones renamed?….details please….

    1. The rural residential zone was created in 1987 by vote of the town’s legislative body. No changes had occured at the time Green Mountain Explosives came in and asked for a use variance in November 2004.

      The ZBA approved a variance that allowed an industrial business to be developed in the residential zone despite the prohibition of such business. The abutters filed a law suit and the ZBA’s decision was indeed struck down by the court.

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