“Just a song before I go…A lesson to be learned…Traveling twice the speed of sound…It’s easy to get burned” (Crosby, Stills, Nash)

Your_Right_to_KnowWe here at OHB would like to thank the hundreds of people who have sent us emails in response to our BOS email post.

We are humbled by your expression of support for our post. The lesson I learned from all of your emails will forever be remembered.

So many wrote to thank us for advocating for their right to express themselves! So many of our readers were angered that the BOS, by not discussing this supposed “Evidence of  Community Support” document, denied them their right to express their opinions on this matter. Good, bad or indifferent…everyone has the right to express themselves and our leaders should extend us the courtesy of listening!

So many of our readers felt betrayed…as if the document was falsified because no real effort was made by the BOS to actually seek public opinion in an open forum.

I was extremely moved by how  many who wrote to thank us for posting Chapter 203, Article III of our Planning Board’s regulations detailing the Conceptual Consultation provision…One resident wrote, “Thank you OHB for shining a light down the darkened corridors of Henniker’s Town Hall.”

Another wrote, “doing business out of public is denying people of right to comment.”

I have learned my lesson…LIBERTY IS THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD…. And Leaders have an obligation to listen…I hope our BOS learned that same lesson!

If not learned…we all get burned!

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..



More Board of Selectmen email monkey business…Town Counsel advises how to, “cure that violation.”

open meeting (Copy)On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 1:44 pm, Dr. Paula Amato, Vice President & CFO of New England College (NEC) realize she had a serious problem. NEC is developing a 350 seat performing arts center and has applied for a USDA Rural Development grant. The deadline was approaching and NEC failed to obtain, from the Town of Henniker,  a completed Evidence of Community Support form.

So, instead of contacting the Town’s Planning Board (which has Chapter 203, Article III Sections 203-7,8,9 Conceptual Consultation) , Dr. Amato reaches out to her friend and fellow Economic Development Committee member BOS Chairman Kris Blomback.

By 2:34 pm, Board of Selectmen (BOS) Chairman Kris Blomback has sent separate emails to each member of the BOS. Each email was substantially the same, which included the reason for the email and the supporting artwork provided by NEC’s Dr. Amato. BLOMBACK NOTICE TO SELECT BOARD LETTER 3 15 201703232017

Chairman Blomback is asking for BOS consent, via email and in direct violation of NH’s Open Meeting Statute RSA 91-A , to send a letter to the USDA on behalf of NEC without direct discussion at a duly called BOS meeting.

Selectman Fortner dissented and responded via email on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 8:50 am, stating his reasons for dissent. BLOMBACK FORTNER RESPONSE TO SELECT BOARD LETTER 3 15 201703232017

Select Women Hooper and Selectman French did not respond. Selectman Osgood, voted off the board on March 14th responded in the affirmative.

The letter was transmitted via email to NEC on Thursday at 10:02 am, without consent of the entire BOS . BLOMBACK ASSUMING SUPPORT 3 15 201703232017

Realizing the violation that had occurred, Town Administrator Trovato sent an email to Town Counsel Bart Mayer on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 9:34 am requesting advice on how to handle Mr. Fortner’s challenge. BLOMBACK TROVATO LAWYER FORTNER REFUSAL 03232017

Town Counsel Bart Mayer on Monday, March 20th at 7:49 am, advises the town administrator (see email above), [snip] “to cure that violation, the emails and a discussion and vote, “ratifying” Kris’ signature on the community support document should resolve that problem.”

OHB has repeatedly exposed the hidden email and text messaging dealings of this board. 1.) Equipment being sold behind the scenes 2.) Sand pile contractors over spending 3.) Zoning changes attempting to be greased without proper procedure….how many more times will the voters of Henniker put up with this kind of poor Corporate Governance??

And do the voters of the Town of Henniker really want a Town Counsel advising the board how to cure violations?

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..



Examining Henniker’s Cost Per Pupil/ Median Household Income. Is this sustainable?????

COST PER PUPIL Henniker’s local school tax rate of $19.21 is the 18th highest (187 districts examined) in the state. @ $17,500 Henniker ranks 57th in Cost Per Pupil spending (CPP).

The graph shown here compares our school spending to Median Household Income (MHI). Henniker’s slightly below the state’s average MHI, coupled with our significantly higher than the state’s average CPP , makes one wonder how future budgets will effect household discretionary spending.

As a community , our main concern should be is this amount of spending sustainable?

With that information in mind, a group of Concerned Henniker Taxpayers sat down over the last several weeks working on ways to solve some of the budget concerns raised by continued budget increases. Many of those concerns will be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting. Please come and participate.

On Tuesday, you are being asked to vote on adopting the SB2 format for Henniker’s School District. SB 2 will give our residents more time to evaluate the complex budgets that are now being proposed and it gives each and every registered voter more time to vote.

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..



“Seizing the Marketing Moment!”…Henniker Embraces Agritourism…1884!

HENNIKER TOURISM  Henniker has been  blessed with a great location. Throughout our entire history, Henniker’s strategic geographical location on the Contoocook River and Federal Highway 202/9, has always been recognized.

Becoming a desirable destination point began in 1825 with regular Tri-weekly Stagecoach Service to Henniker.

By the 1840’s, just 15 short years later, the era of the “Great Teams” was  experiencing its heyday. Henniker’s  location on the popular route from Boston to Vermont and northern New Hampshire made it a very convenient stop over for many travelers. The Henniker Inn (NEC’s Administration Building) and its famous Bell’s Tavern, was the focal point of the center of town. With stalls for one hundred horses, and an ample stable yard in which to park the large wagons of the day, The  Henniker Inn was a premier stopping point.

These major routes transecting Henniker were shared with teams of drovers, bringing beef cattle to market. “White picket fences, that were common in town during the last century and a half, were necessary to keep the cattle out of residents’ yards.”

The increase in activity prompted the Cogswell family, in 1884 to develop The  Henniker Spring Water Co.. “About this same time, Henniker opened several guest homes for summer visitors in farms and large old homes. The village proper grew rapidly. Between 1886 and 1902 more than 60 new buildings were erected within the village limits.

And we all think that AGRITOURISM  is a new concept…Sometimes…”the more things change…. the more they stay the same…”

The unquestioning acceptance of the already existing is what keeps people from being creative!

OHB…keeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…PEACE!




Emily Fuchs Houghton and Aislinn Kalob…This Blog’s for You!!

what's up doc I want to  thank Ms.Fuchs-Houghton and Ms. Kalob for their posts on Facebook challenging to me to answer their questions. You both exhibited one of the most critical characteristics of leadership…you stepped up and challenged the process. I gave you both a Facebook style answer.

You deserve more…so I dedicate this blog to both of you as well as our community.

I came late to this challenge of getting elected to represent your interests (as well as mine…hoping that one of you will be interested in buying my house one day…that is if the taxes aren’t too high) as as member of the Board of Selectmen, not because I lacked any commitment to serving (anyone who has read the blog in the past 9 months knows I have attended most meetings and I am committed to getting out the truth of how things are being done), it was because of the fear and anxiety expressed to me by a small group of individuals who have lived here most of their lives. Also, a group of young people reached out to me and asked why the town lacks the capability of speaking to them?

Both groups of individuals expressed real deep concerns about the direction and lack of acceptance to new ideas by the board’s leadership and a majority block of members.

Here is what I told them. Right now only two members, Tia Hooper and Ben Fortner are trying to move forward with some new ideas. Both get stymied and marginalized. I have discovered through, Right to Know requests, that a both were not fully briefed and were not copied on emails threads prior to meetings.

I then stated my four key points to being a good leader and productive member of a working group:

  •  CHALLENGE THE PROCESS: the working group must be open to new ways and ideas of solving recurring problems. Opening up creativity will give a new direction. New directions leads to…
  • INSPIRE A SHARED VISION: working group members love directed creativity, it motivates commitment to finding that shared vision of a solution. As I wrote in my previous blog, “No single person has all the answers, but a well-informed community develops an abundance of ideas!
  • MODEL THE WAY: simply..If you Talk the Talk you better be able to Walk the Walk!
  • ENABLE OTHERS TO ACT: empowering others to act leads to more creativity

I then asked those who contacted me if they felt that this was their goal for our town? And do their friends feel this way too?

To Aislinn Kalob, the answers to those Chamber questions, can be found in the threads that bind those four key elements of productive leadership and participation.

I want to thank you both, Khiara Bostrom and all those who hit the like button or messaged me for inspiring me to continue on with my endeavor of serving you. I hope I have earned your write -in vote!

Dr. Bruce J. Trivellini

Write-In Candidate for Selectmen


Write-In Vote: Bruce J. Trivellini for Selectmen.

what's up doc Over the last two weeks I have been approached by many residents, whom I deeply respect, and asked if I would serve on the Board of Selectmen if elected by a WRITE IN VOTE.

It would be an honor to be elected to the Board of Selectmen in this manner. To me, the thought of someone taking the time to write in a name on a ballot to elect a public servant is quite moving.

After much thought, I have accepted this challenge.

I think that my blog has made my positions quite clear. I have been consistent in my critique of how our Board of Selectmen has become ineffective and has lost focus.

The failure of the board to use an effective method of communicating their work product to the residents of this town is incomprehensible. The Henniker web page is extremely underutilized.

This lack of communication is the single most problem we face today. The effective communication of town proceedings and better achieving and access to town documents creates the ultimate breeding ground for new ideas!

  • Access to all monthly BOS material (with the exception of that which is subject to RSA 91:A) should be on the web page at least 5 days before BOS meetings.
  • This includes all month to date and year to date financial reports.
  • All employee contracts including description of job title and salary and benefit packages

No single person has all the answers, but a well-informed community develops an abundance of ideas!  The free flow of information makes people feel welcome to join the discussion and share their ideas.

Being a good public servant is about bringing new ideas to the forefront, being constructively critical about the results we get and applying the lessons learned from both failure and success. The only way to do all that is to welcome differing opinions! And differing opinions come from a well-informed people.

We should celebrate the wonderful technology that allows us in the privacy of our own home at any time we choose to access these records at a web page that we already pay for.

We waste so much brain power because people simply do not know that a problem exists!

If informed, then we will understand that times have changed and our town needs to approach our corporate governance with a keen eye trained on that change. The board needs to begin to dedicate itself to evaluating all our needs in proportion to our town’s economic demographic. We must be resigned to zero based budgeting so we can begin to bring our budget back into line with our median household income of $66,000 and statistically stagnant population growth since 2000.

We must begin to understand how all aspects of our public services play an integral part of how we spend our tax dollars on a month to month and on a year to year basis. Most importantly, select board members need to understand that scrutiny of our budget dynamic, i.e. review and discussed monthly, will make it easier to make decisions on issues and fewer errors of execution and judgement will occur.

If elected to the Henniker Board of Selectmen I will dedicate my seat to,

  • Challenging the process
  • work towards a shared vision
  • implement  solutions based on a shared vision
  • Constructively evaluate the results
  • And make changes when necessary

I would be honored to have you write in on your ballot, Dr. Bruce Trivellini for the position of Selectmen on Tuesday March 14, 2017.

Thank you

Dr. Bruce J. Trivellini