What’s the problem here folks?

what's the problemIn March of 2016, Henniker’s legislative body voted to approve two warrant articles that established, among other things, the very first Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for agrotourism in our town’s history..Those warrant articles were placed on the ballot by Citizen’s petition and after multiple Public hearings before the Planning board. (read here) (read here) (read here) (read here)

In addition to the CUP, a well-defined and an enumerated list of ancillary and accessory agrotourism activities was approved and those activities are subjected to a permitting process. The permit process was established. (read here page 7 Item 4)  (read here 133:20-A)

Clearly, a lot of work and discussion was put in those two warrant articles that significantly changed the Zoning Ordinance. The changes that were made were clearly the changes that the members of the legislative body recognized as being necessary to put an end to this endless expenditure of TAX DOLLARS trying to prohibit an existing business’ right to respond to the changing commercial market.

Mr. Forster submitted a site plan review application in accordance with the NEWLY ESTABLISHED  regulation.

The concerns of the Planning Board (PB) were addressed and ALL OF THOSE CONCERNS were resolved to the satisfaction of the PB, Henniker Police Department and the Henniker Fire Department. The record clearly shows (read here) that the PB did a wonderful job attaching reasonable restrictions to the CUP ensuring the health and safety of the general public and the well-being of the neighborhood. (read here)


Predicting the economy in a hillary administration…that’s easy!

hillary-bill-obama-cartoonI recently reviewed all of the Presidential campaigns that I have witnessed in my life. Beginning with Kennedy-Nixon and now Trump-clinton this election will be my 14th. I can say without a doubt, the economy was and still is a big issue on a Presidential campaign.

I find it a bit misleading that the hillary and her surrogates repeatedly state that she will be focused on getting our economy to improve its pathetic GDP growth. Yet  all indications point to clinton staying the course obama has set since 2009.

And exactly where has the course taken us. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has stated the following: (read more)

“During just the years that President Barack Obama has been in office (2009 through 2012),  average annual growth in real GDP has been only 1.075 percent. The 1.075 percent average annual growth in real GDP under Obama equals less than a third (31.57 percent) of the 3.405 percent average annual growth in real GDP the United States saw in the last two decades of the last century. ”

So exactly how does that translate in to the dollars and cents that will be confiscated from us by the Federal Government? In order to answer that question all we need to do is reference George Lindsey’s Wall Street Journal article from 2011 (read more);

“But the president’s budget of February 2011 projects economic growth of 4% in 2012, 4.5% in 2013, and 4.2% in 2014. That budget also estimates that the 10-year budget cost of missing the growth estimate by just one point for one year is $750 billion. So, if we just grow at trend those three years, we will miss the president’s forecast by a cumulative 5.2 percentage points and—using the numbers provided in his budget—incur additional debt of $4 trillion.”

Well we didn’t grow at trend, we in fact missed obama’s projections by a cumulative 6% and by using obama’s error figure of $750/B for every 1% point miss, we should have expected to have $6.75 T in new debt. (read more)

It is quite clear where the economy will continue to go under hillary clinton…CAN WE AFFORD TO CONTINUE GOING DOWN THIS LIBERAL PATH?


Why history is oh so very important?


Does VP candidate Tim Kaine need to explain himself? (read more)

What do you get when you combine the son of a German Diplomat, a little known agreement from the Council of Europe and an unknown Governor? An attempt to repatriated a German citizen who was convicted of committing a double murder here in the U.S.

Derek W.R. Haysom, was a striking man. South African by birth, Haysom quickly established himself in life as a man of destiny and importance. During WWII Haysom was, shall we say, the James Bond of his era. Fearlessly, Derek W.R. Haysom fought for the British cause, often behind enemy lines, while serving in the middle east.

After the war, this man of courage and grace became a well to do steel executive and carved out a wonderful career and a most admired life.

In 1960, at the age of 47, Derek found the love of his life, Nancy Benedict Astor. Nancy Benedict Astor was stunningly beautiful. Born into a well to do family in Lynchburg Virginia, Nancy was afforded all the luxury a successful family had to offer. So it was only logical that the 28-year-old women would say yes to marrying her Prince Charming.

And, in 1964, Derek and Nancy were blessed with a daughter, Elizabeth. In all aspects, Elizabeth Haysom was everything her mother and father were and then some. Well educated in the finest English boarding schools, Elizabeth started herself down a path to make her own mark on the world.

The family retired to Boonsboro Virginia in 1982. Young Elizabeth just two years later enrolled in an honors program at the University of Virginia. It while there she met her knight in shining armor, Jens Soering.

Jens Soering was the son of a West German Diplomat and was a Jefferson Scholar. Well to do and highly educated, Elizabeth and Jens met and immediately set out to build their own idyllic life.

On March 30, 1985 all that came to an end and four lives were ruined. You see on that spring day, Boonsboro Virginia awoke to the story that Derek and Nancy were viciously murdered. So gruesome the attack, both Derek and Nancy were nearly decapitated.

Because of the inconsistencies in their stories and their unusual behavior, police began to focus their investigation on Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering. They soon fled the United States and were eventually caught overseas.

Eventually, the two were tried, convicted and sentenced in the United States for murder.

In the late 2000’s Jens Soering began to explore a little know provision in an agreement from the Council of Europe. The agreement would allow for the Commonwealth of Virginia to transfer Jens Soering back to Germany.

“Because Soering had already served the maximum German prison time for his conviction and record, this repatriation could allow for his release on European soil.” (read more).

So in 2010 one of the last acts of Governor Tim Kaine, he agreed to releasing Soering back to Germany. Within days of being inaugurated, Kaine’s successor Governor Bob McDonald invalidated the order and agreement.

Does VP candidate Tim Kaine owe the American people a full and cogent explanation of his actions? I think so!

Your Fired Part II…our very own forgotten emails, “somebody needs to be made an example of…”

firedIn 2012 I was on the Zoning Board (ZBA). As part of my preparation for Mr. Forster’s Administrative Appeal, I had occasion to go to town hall and review the entire file. There deep in the Forster file I found a sequence of 3 emails.  These emails are on a single sheet of paper and at that time, had not been forwarded in the package of information that had been mailed to the ZBA members for the up coming hearing.

The last email dated, May 22, 2012 at 9:30 am and it reads as follows, “I cannot find any history of Forsters [sic] coming in for a SPR.” ( reference added:Site Plan Review)

Paragraph 2, “It has been suggested that somebody be made an example of (for disregarding the zoning ordinance) AND that the town needs to do a strategic public outreach and education campaign to remind business owners of Planning and Zoning and [sic] requirements, as well as building permit rules for all residents.”

I remember asking why this email chain was not sent to the ZBA members. After a brief discussion the emails were disclosed to the ZBA.

I bring this to everyone’s attention only because so many of you ask how has this case become so out of control.

It is OUT OF CONTROL BECAUSE IT IS PERSONAL…and it always has been personal..and the long arm of government keeps cracking its whip!

Sorry to say the time has come…to terminate town planner Mark Fougere

fired Believe me…I have been a tolerant person. I have refrained from asking for drastic measures be taken by our Select Board. I  have always felt that sooner or later the Henniker voting public would eventually come to realize the entire truth about the Forster matter and the contrary opinions of one Mr. Mark Fougere.

Yesterday’s Concord Monitor article once again demonstrates that we all should pay close attention to what is being said. I hope that we all agree, PART TIME EMPLOYEES of the town of Henniker SHOULD NOT BE commenting in the press.

Questions need to be answered. First, I call your attention to a letter dated July 3, 2012 (click here to read). Mr. Fougere begins by stating that HE (an employee of the town), not the Select Board, does not concur with Mr. Forster’s (resident and member in good tax standing of Henniker’s Legislature) position on this Zoning compliance matter.

He continues on in his letter and purports to be speaking for the Select Board on this matter, “If you believe the Board of Selectman is in error in the application or interpretation of any provision of the zoning ordinance, you have the right to appeal to the Zoning Board of Adjustment in a timely fashion (within 30 days.”

ONE VERY BIG PROBLEM HERE…the Board of Selectman never held a hearing to deliberate the facts of this case nor have they ever issued a ruling in this matter!

April 27, 2016 Mr. Fougere states the following in Mr. Foster’s Conditional Use permit (CUP) application approval hearing (page 3 paragraph 9), “Mr. Fougere clarified that the state’s definition is not relevant in this case as the town voted on their own definition of Agritourism.” (click here to read)

Therefore, the town’s planning board moved forward and approved Mr. Forster’s CUP. (The CUP was voted in by the legislative body last March.) exhibit #1

When Mr. Bennett filed for a rehearing, Mr. Fougere sat silent as the Zoning Board of Adjustment’s (ZBA) discussion went on about how nothing has changed from 2012 and the actions of the town’s Planning Board should be vacated.

And when he did speak he misled the ZBA, “Motionby Ms. Laberge that there was a material change of circumstances, due to the fact that the Town adopted a new definition of agritourism. Seconded by Mr. Parker. Mr. Fougere clarified that if the motion passes, the Board will need to discuss whether the proposal is accessory; not the Planning Board’s entire decision. (page 2 draft minutes 6-15-2016.) Apparently he failed to tell the ZBA what he told the Planning Board…the town voted in it’s new definition of Agritourism.

That new definition is the basis for Mr. Forster’s current appeal. FORSTER REHEARING 2016

The total disarray of the ZBA and their comments and questions during the hearing, clearly demonstrates that they were totally unprepared to make an informative decision. Unfortunately the current draft minutes have conveniently left out comments such as, you make us read too many papers, I don”t know the differences between ancillary and accessory and  my personal favorite I don’t know what I voted on before. (click here to read)

Now, the town has been sued by Mr. Bennett in Superior Court of Merrimack County, a town “official” is making statements in the press…THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS! It is more than OUTRAGEOUS behavior.

I urge you all to write to your Select Board members.


Clinton’s convention is more like: The University of Quid Pro Quo

'Rent an auditorium and charge $39.95 a seat. Thank you for coming.'  The latest round of Wiki leaked emails (read here) has once again placed the spot light squarely on the clinton’s and the party they have created. They have been in charge of this Democrat Party for nearly 25 years and their total disregard for decency and fairness is nauseating.

[snip] “…recently released by WikiLeaks include spreadsheets and emails that appear to show party officials planning which donors and prominent fundraisers to provide with appointments to federal boards and commissions.” (read more)

One would think that the American voters would have learned by now…but we have not learned our lesson. I just wonder what will it take… I shutter to think of what that may be.

Поймите меня правильно! (don’t get me wrong!)

russia cold war Don’t get me wrong but claiming that Russia hacked the DNC to aide Mr. trump is just plain garbage!

“Clinton’s campaign chief, Robby Mook, told ABC News on Sunday that “experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke in to the DNC, took all these emails and now are leaking them out through these Web sites. … It’s troubling that some experts are now telling us that this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump.

Maybe they should have cleared this narrative with obama first...”The 1980’s are calling asking for their foreign policy back”…oops I guess that was clinton calling! (click for video)

Clinton is obviously playing the cold war fear card!

Henniker Bruce

Project Exile…The Federal Government’s take over of the City of Richmond, VA

exile crimeRichmond Virginia: (circa July 1998)  Tim Kaine (Hillary’s VP pick) has just been elected mayor by the city’s majority-black city council. Richmond’s first white mayor in more than 10 years, Tim Kaine immediately transformed the mostly ceremonial office of the Mayor (city manager traditionally ran the day to day city business) into a “hands on full time job”.

Tim Kaine became the biggest supporter of President Bill Clinton’s Project Exile (PE).  US Attorney General Janet Reno along with  Commonwealth’s Attorney David Hicks, U.S. Attorney James Comey, (yes Hillary’s James Comey) Richmond’s Police Chief Jerry Oliver, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF); Federal Bureau of Investigation; and Virginia State Police, began PE. This program specifically targeted  convicted felons, in possession of a gun and or involved in the commission of a drug or violent crimes while using a gun, and prosecuted them under FEDERAL LAW.

Project Exile’s goal was to make illegal gun possession a federal, not a state crime. This would subject Richmond’s convicted felons, a large number of them black, to harsher prison sentences and guarantee incarceration in a federal penitentiary, outside of Virginia, for at least five years.

Nicole Lee, a civil-rights lawyer and activist in Washington, D.C., in 1998, expressed the following, “Project Exile broke black families. This is not a benign thing to be for. These measures were not used against white kids in the suburbs with guns, they were used against black kids in the cities.”

The Clinton’s campaigned for Bill’s re-election in 1996 on a  tough on crime platform. part of that campaign promise became Project Exile. Many cities were to follow, Rochester, Philadelphia, Camden NJ to name just the few.

Many supported the effort but many more saw the danger and the unconstitutionality of allowing the Federal Government to override State laws and usurp state jurisdiction.  Even more saw it as an attack on the inner city black youth and young adults.

These are the facts….you decide if Clinton-Kaine are worthy.






Go Forth Conservatives and Educate those among us….

keep-calm-and-we-won-t-be-fooled-again-2 The GOP Convention is now over. The campaign has just begun. We conservatives must focus our message and inundate our opponents with facts that support our message, The Democrat Party’s economic policies crafted by President Obama, implemented by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have categorically FAILED the economy and the people of our great country.

Just like the message that The Who Delivered in their hit song, We Won’t Be Fooled Again, Hillary Clinton is the NEW BOSS and she is the SAME AS THE OLD BOSS.

And if anyone has any question that the Democrat Party’s economic policies that drive their legislative agenda is not a predictable failure, then you need to read Lawrence Lindsey’s 2011’s assessment of that policy!

“Only serious long-term spending reduction in the entitlement area can begin to address the nation’s deficit and debt problems. It should no longer be credible for our elected officials to hide the need for entitlement reforms behind rosy economic and budgetary assumptions.”

Lindsey was dead on balls accurate! The deficits he predicted in 2001 came true! Lindsey has proven beyond a doubt, the economic policies of President Obama and now Hillary Clinton are predictably bad and are proven failures!

Donald Trump’s message needs to be crystal clear…he is not the same as the old boss…WE WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!

I am Dr. Bruce J Trivellini, DDS and I approve of this message!!

PS: The Trump campaign can use any of my ideas (get the rights to use The Who’s song)…free of charge…just send me an invitation to Mr. Trump’s  Inaugural Ball.

The Hocus Pocus Pow Wow is coming to town.

Hocus_Pocus_PowwowYes folks there is just 10 days left to July! That means all those wonderful school board and select board meetings will be gearing up for their budget development work sessions.

So hose off the summer swimming hole doldrums and get yourself a good strong cup of coffee and sharpen your pencil. We’ve got some ciphering to do.

As August roles around we shall be keeping a sharp eye trained on the School Board. The new teacher’s contract needs to be renegotiated. And as budgets fights go…this is the main event

Last year it was the support staff contract and let me tell you this, if this year’s negotiations  go like last year’s…hang on to your wallets.

So  before we convene our Hocus Pocus Pow Wow (hopefully there will be no dump Henniker Dr.Bruce demonstrations) here is a quick and easy explanation of how the budget comes to be. Many thanks to my conservative mentor of all things school board Jorge Mesa-Tejada  for putting together such a wonderful instructional piece. TEJADA BUDGETS Fact or Fiction

Happy trails..until we meet again!

Henniker Dr. Bruce