Warm Body Politics…Local GOP Chairman Gets His Knickers In A Twist Over My Questioning a Henniker Candidate (????)

PUBLIC TRUST 2 Recently I learned that a young man named Jason Earnhardt is running for our district’s State House Seat.

Oh really, I immediately thought this was odd. In twenty years of living here, serving on one town board, 3 town committees, attending hundreds of Select-Board meetings and attending Town Annual meetings , I have never run into this gentleman.

Come to think of it, I never saw him stand up and speak for/against Steve Forster’s farm or any other business development or controversial issues in our town.

So I went to the Henniker-Bradford Republican facebook page…and it is here that I find several post from this person.

Here is my facebook inquiry;

Bruce J Trivellini Jason, not to be a “party” pooper[sic]…but where do you live?  Jason Earnhardt Bruce J Trivellini I live in Henniker!

 Bruce J Trivellini Jason Earnhardt where in henniker [sic] Jason Earnhardt Bruce J Trivellini Off 114, Union Street.

Bruce J Trivellini do you live in a dorm??? or an apartment. Jason Earnhardt Bruce J Trivellini It is an on campus apartment.

Bruce J Trivellini Jason Earnhardt who owns the aprtment [sic]

                            Several minutes no reply….

 Bruce J Trivellini Jason Earnhardt ru [sic] still there?..cat got your tongue?

Bruce J Trivellini Jason Earnhardt since on campus is closed…are you living in that apartment right now…while you are typing your response to me?

Bruce J Trivellini Jason Earnhardt did you pass out? should call EMS??

Chat Conversation End

Jason lives in a NEC “on campus apartment” and is running for a seat in the NH State House. Now if campus is closed..is Jason living here at this moment???  As we all can see he avoided answering this registered voter’s question about where is he living now. And, he never defines what an “on campus” apartment is. Anyone know what an “on campus apartment is? Since the campus is closed…anyone know where Jason is living these days? Bueller? Bueller?

I asked for advice from a friend, who is very knowledgeable and sensitive to this very important issue. Ultimately this friend made me realize that it all boils down to this:

[You bring up a great point – if you live here in NH only at the behest of the college, and then the college throws you out, how can that be your domicile?]

Apparently Mr. Scott Maltzie the Chairman of the Merrimack County Republican Party sees things differently in a message he sent to me via facebook he wrote the following:

[H]e more than meets the domicile requirements outlined in the two Republican sponsored voting laws. He has lived in Henniker since 2016. He is a candidate. Vote for him or not, but enough of the domicile criticism. It’s not helpful.

Oh really, Mr. Maltzie…criticism??? Apparently a registered voter questioning the legitimacy of claims that a candidate “lives” in town since 2016 raises to the level of criticism. Is it not our duty to question?

The answers to these types questions are the bits and pieces that make up a strong foundation of trust that leads to support. Mr. Maltzie, you do believe candidates still have to earn those credentials, don’t you?

Major mistake in calling a voter’s questions criticisms! A lesson one would have hoped a Party Chairmen would have learned by now.

Oh by the way Mr. Maltzie, you too failed to tell me where Jason is living these days. Even though you advised me that you spoke to him at length today…why is this such a big secret?

As of 3:00 pm Wednesday April 22, 2020, Mr. Maltzie has failed to return my messages about Jason’s current living arrangements. And Jason has failed to respond to my question from Tuesday.

Run warm bodies and run away from the tough questions so we can field a candidate that gets led around by the party nose ring? Henniker already suffers enough from that kind of politics.

Suggestion to Mr. Maltzie: next time the party might want to try seeking the opinion of a few Henniker domiciliaries. This is one heck of a selection process we’re running here….

Should I get some answers (I’m not expecting any)…I most definitely will update you all! And maybe, just maybe…nah…that’s for another time.

OHB…all the news fit to printkeeping it real… making it easier for you to find the facts so you can draw your own conclusions…..

“There are things public officials would never do if they thought somebody might call them out on it.”









joe biden & dems Covid-19 Race-Baiting. Time to learn a thing or two from the people who know a thing or two!


“Biden joins Democrats calling on CDC for further racial breakdown of coronavirus pandemic”; this headline is sickening…mr. biden have you no scruples????

Listen up joe biden and your merry band of race baiters: RING THE BELL SCHOOLS IN SESSION!

Current information seems to indicate that the SARS CoV-2, the virus causing the covid-19 pandemic, will attack its victim’s red blood cells.

The Lancet published a paper on March 16, 2020 entitled: COVID-19: consider cytokine storm syndromes and immunosuppression.

This article presents data that shows Covid-19 patients are experiencing organ failure because the virus is displacing O₂ from red blood cell hemoglobin. In doing so, free Iron is released which triggers the “Cytokine Storm”.

Once this complex medical event begins, multiple necessary for life biochemistry pathways become disrupted or entirely blocked. The patient’s condition can turn critical quickly.

Now for mr. biden…many African Americans, have a genetic disorder called Sickle Cell Anemia. This disease causes, “normal red blood cells to deform into stiff, crescent shapes that get stuck in small blood vessels blocking blood flow and oxygen delivery to many parts of the body. This ‘sickling’ is triggered by events such as viral illnesses, cold weather, stress, and low oxygen, among others. If this sickling happens in the lungs, it triggers a cascade of events that causes a severe complication called acute chest syndrome.” [emphasis added] (Dr. Amy Sobota, MD, March 25, 2020)

“While there is no data yet on sickle cell disease and COVID-19, we know that other respiratory viruses cause more severe complications in people with sickle cell disease, including higher rates of hospitalizations, acute chest syndrome, and need for mechanical ventilation. This is true every year for seasonal influenza and was even more pronounced during the H1N1 outbreak.”[emphasis added] [Id. 3-25-2020]

Conclusion: Those who are severely sick with Covid-19 are experiencing many of the same medical conditions of those who have Sickle Cell Anemia. Concomitantly, Sickle Cell patients have most of these symptoms everyday of their lives…their chronic illness requires more hospital visits. At Boston Medical Center, where Dr. Sobota is a pediatric hematologist, they have converted many visits to phone or video to prevent exposure as much as possible.

Listen to what Dr. Sobota is saying, “We have every reason to believe that the novel coronavirus, which has been shown to cause respiratory failure especially in people with underlying illnesses, will be even more serious for people with sickle cell disease.”

mr. joe bidn, stop using sick people to further your racial agenda…You and the democrats are pathetic! You know what…just get out of the room…you clearly are incapable!

Dr. Bruce J. Trivellini, DDS (Loyola University Chicago College of Dental Surgery class of 1982)