Budget Advisory Committee recommendation: 2018 proposed Operational Budget for the town be reduced by $300,000!

propertyt ax-relief-iconThe Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)  began our work on the 2018 budget last fall faced with the latest property tax rate increase. Our property tax rate has increase $.61 to $33.94/$1000.

The BAC report, “A Road Map to Tax Reduction” , addresses one very important issue. Over the last 10 years the amount of revenue raised by property taxes has increased by 49%.

The details of the budget reductions, gives a clear picture of how the town should approach budget needs in the coming years.

Myself and the rest of the committee members encourage you to read the report and study the details of  our recommendations for 2018 budget.

We ask you to support these findings.  Please write to the selectboard members and encourage them to adopt the committee’s recommendations.

Thank you.

Dr. Bruce J. Trivellini

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