Budget Madness! Wise Old Yankee Owl Came A Calling…..Part 1

3 thoughts on “Budget Madness! Wise Old Yankee Owl Came A Calling…..Part 1”

  1. Can I add to the madness, Bruce? NH House Education committee will hear testimony tomorrow at 1:30 in rm 207 on HB 302. Here is partial text ” all communications an filings between the dept. of education, state board of education, the dept of revenue admin., and a school administrative unit shall be made available to every school board member of that school administrative unit.” It’s shocking that we have to secure this by law. Apparently, Superintendents can have these communications and withhold them from the board! We certainly know about the secrecy and deliberate withholding of ipublic information from Henniker’s SAU. This bill comes from NH districts struggling with great antagonism between the board and the superintendent. perhaps this bill is because a lawsuit to force transparency would take time and district money so let’s clearly get a law on the books. Just FYI but what say you?

    1. It is clearly obvious that Henniker’s School Board is totally unprepared and kept in the dark on a lot of issues. It could be that some members may just not ask.

      I was shocked to learn from the school board chair that she did not have an electronic copy of the tentative collective bargaining agreement for the teachers and support staff. it took her two days to email it to me….

  2. Bruce, while I did attend the NH House Education hearing on HB 302 about school administrators communications being made available to their school board members, I did not send the above forewarning and description of the bill. So, it seemed odd to me that my name is at the heading as if I were the author. Any corrections you can make to this?

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